One Year of Yoga

On Friday April 13th, I celebrated my one year anniversary at my yoga studio (which happens to also be my favorite place on earth.) In the true fashion of this blog, which I use mainly to keep track of the things I am doing with my freedom as I slowly enter the adult world, this […]

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Here’s to all the Vegans

April 2nd marks the beginning of 1 month/4 weeks/28 days/672 hours, etc you get the point… of veganism. Now, you may be thinking “uhhh aren’t you already vegan?” In fact, I am not. Hence this challenge that I am imposing upon myself. I am (merely) a vegetarian, meaning I don’t eat meat or fish at […]

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Taco Tour of Los Angeles

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but I’ve been attempting to try as many new things as possible in my minimal free time. I work for an accounting firm, so during our “busy season” (which is right now-hello @taxes), I’ve been feeling extra nostalgic for all the fun things I got […]

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I got a tattoo!!!

As I am currently at a standstill on #projecttinyhouse, I’ve had to find some other things to fill my time while I wait for the electric work to be done on the Airstream. So……I got a tattoo! People that know me well might be a little surprised that I actually got a tattoo, since I […]

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