I’m New

As a newly-graduated, newly-employed person living in Los Angeles, I’m questioning nearly everything in my rapidly-changing life.

Will my job become my career? (to be determined)

Will I miss college? (yes, but I don’t like to admit it)

Will I ever find an apartment? (probably not)

And most of all, What is a weekend? (see my favorite TV moment ever for this question)

The last question is one that I think a lot of people can identify with. As a student, I never ran out of projects or papers to do on weekends. As an employee,  I have spent my fair share of hours working on weekends. It took me until just now to realize that maybe I should try to start enjoying my weekends (or whatever hours of free time I have) by doing things I actually enjoy. So here goes…

I’m starting this blog to help me deal with the new things that inevitably come up on my way to adulthood. Join me while I try to figure out whether “work-life balance” is an urban myth during my newly-discovered weekend.


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