The (non) secret is out-I’m a vegetarian!

I am a vegetarian. This (for reasons not known to me) can be a controversial topic, so I’m getting it out of the way as a preface to all future food posts.

“But how can you not eat meat?”

“Don’t you miss meat?”


I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years, so I don’t really miss or crave meat, and honestly, I rarely think about my vegetarianism because it’s just so normal to me. In Los Angeles, it’s very easy to get by as a vegetarian. There are vegetarian or vegan options almost everywhere you go here, and there are some pretty darn good ones.

I’ve listed some of my favorite vegetarian places below that I can usually be found at at least once a weekend. If you’re in LA, you should totally give them a try-even if you are a meat-eater:

  • Veggie Grill– I dream about their buffalo wings, but anything with buffalo sauce is delicious. This one is a chain and has a bunch of locations in LA. Pro-tip: they have a rewards app.
  • Zinc Cafe– This basic LA brunch spot is slightly less basic because it’s also a lowkey vegetarian spot… They don’t shout about their fully-vegetarian menu from the rooftops. I’m going full basic on this one-the avocado toast with a poached egg is very tasty.
  • By Chloe– Also kind of basic, this little cafe is very cute and fully vegan. This is one of the only places that I can go where a salad is actually satisfying. In fact, I always struggle to pick out which salad to get here, which is weird because I usually don’t have that many positive feelings towards salad as a meal. Their quinoa taco salad, spicy thai salad, and the greek salad are equally filling and fantastic, but their air baked french fries and quinoa hash browns are awesome as well. Pro-tip: also has a rewards app.
  • Crossroads-also completely vegan and on the bougie-r side, but is one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. The menu is seasonal, but I would 12/10 recommend the meatball pizza and impossible cigars. I haven’t been for brunch, but they also have vegan chicken and waffles (like… what?!?) that I’m dying to try.
  • Little Pine-another vegan spot in my neighborhood that’s on the nicer side. Their vegan chicken piccata is beyond delicious and they have a tasty brunch menu with delicious pastries (check out the donuts, they’re served warm!) and more savory dishes like biscuits and gravy. Pro-tip: chocolate chip cookies with almond milk is probably my favorite dessert of all time.
  • Ramen Hood-this place is really fun and serves vegan ramen dishes. The menu is small, and the sides are great. You can even add a vegan “egg” into your bowl of ramen.  I love their spicy ramen and their banh mi poutine.
  • My kitchen!-During the weekends I love cooking all sorts of veggie dishes at home with family and friends. With more and more great vegetarian products being available in stores, I love making things like veggie burgers (pictured above), pastas, soups, and tacos. I will definitely be posting more about these later on so keep an eye out…

Being a vegetarian is easy in LA when there are so many restaurants that serve only veggie-friendly food. Usually my favorite part of my weekend is spent eating at these vegetarian and vegan restaurants where nothing on the menu is off-limits. And if you’re a meat eater, just remember that french fries are vegan so don’t hate…!

Let me know what your favorite vegetarian places are!


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