My Weekend at Wallis Annenberg’s PetSpace

After a long, busy week at work, I always try to find ways to let loose. I’ve found that there are many different ways to relax and, strangely, most of them involve getting out and doing something, contrary to what I’ve always believed “relaxing” was (though sometimes a movie and a face mask is required.) When work is stressful, I try to distract myself and do things that give me a little perspective, as I’m someone that tends to be a little cynical when I’m stressed.

Something I absolutely love doing on weekends to “get grateful” (creds to my mom for this catchphrase) is volunteering for different organizations that make a positive impact on the community. I seriously think that volunteering increases serotonin – scientists, can you confirm?

Anyways,  last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Wallis Annenberg’s PetSpace. While I didn’t volunteer there, I got to visit the brand new facility and learn about the different things the space has to offer.

The outside of the PetSpace is pretty stunning on its own.

If you know me, then you also probably know how much I love dogs. Besides spending time with my little pack of pups, my family and I rescue dogs from local shelters and foster them before adopting them to a new family. While it’s sometimes extremely hard to let a foster dog go, it’s incredibly rewarding to see them with a new forever family. That’s why I wanted to show you an organization that is doing awesome things for animals in need.

A very cute and excited pup named Captain

PetSpace is one of the most beautiful shelters I’ve ever been to. They house dogs, cats, and bunnies with lots of areas for the animals to visit with prospective adopters. There are plenty of staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about the creatures they care for. I even got to meet with some of the animals who seemed so stoked to be in this awesome place before going to their forever home!



There are also areas throughout the PetSpace dedicated to educating children and adults alike (I personally would have loved to take a field trip here as a kid) with plenty of books, interactive screens, and helpful volunteers. A personal favorite spot was the human-sized hamster wheel that powered the moving paw of a huge cat that looked down on the lobby.

DSCF1109.jpg DSCF1085.jpg

Between exploring the space, meeting new pups and people, and eating a delicious french bulldog-shaped cookie, I had a blast last weekend. I would definitely recommend visiting, whether you just want to play with some cute animals, buy a “Best Friends” necklace set for you and your pet, or adopt a new family member, PetSpace is not to be missed!

IMG_0943.JPG.jpeg                        FullSizeRender.jpg

While I hope I get to go back and visit the PetSpace soon, I am so looking forward to finding more organizations to be involved with. If you know of any, let me know! I’m always looking for more ways to “get grateful” and I can’t wait to show you new ways to spend a fulfilling weekend!




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