I got a tattoo!!!

As I am currently at a standstill on #projecttinyhouse, I’ve had to find some other things to fill my time while I wait for the electric work to be done on the Airstream.

So……I got a tattoo!

People that know me well might be a little surprised that I actually got a tattoo, since I was that person that wore a JCrew blazer nearly every day at my dress code-free high school. The reason behind my tattoo, however, is unsurprising to anyone who knows me.



Earlier this year, my beloved bulldog Oliver passed away very suddenly at age 12. He was my best friend and I knew that if I ever got inked, it would be to honor him in some way. Right after he passed, I declared to my family that I would be getting a tattoo and six months later, here I am!

I am so stoked with how my tat turned out, so I’m sharing some tips for anyone who is considering getting their first tattoo!


Below are some things I kept in mind while I was going through the first-tattoo process:

  1. You don’t have to get something of emotional significance, but I personally feel like regret is less likely if do.
  2. Research is the most important part of this process! Research who you want to do your tattoo- use google, instagram, and word of mouth! I found my tattoo artist by talking to some trustworthy family friends who showed me the artist who ended up doing my tattoo.
  3. Also, research the various tattoo styles- regular, single needle, stick and poke, etc…
  4. Research ink colors- white ink, black or grey ink, colored ink…
  5. Research locations on the body- Do you want to be able to see your tattoo? Can you handle getting a tattoo on one of the painful parts, like your foot? Cause I couldn’t…!
  6. When figuring out where you want your tattoo to be on your body, as much as it pains me to say it, definitely consider future employment opportunities. Nothing annoys me more than bending my will to the establishment (only slightly joking) but I did consider whether or not future interviewers would see this tattoo, as prejudices can sneak in whether I like it or not. My tattoo is easily covered by a 3/4 sleeve, which is the kind of sleeve I usually wear to work anyways. Should anyone care about my tattoo when they’re working with or hiring me? NO. But will they? Maybe…
  7. Bring specific ideas of what you want your tattoo to be to your appointment or consultation- pictures, drawings, and specific details. The more you contribute, the more you can make your tattoo exactly what you want it to be. My tattoo turned out to be exactly what I wanted because I was able to incorporate a drawing I found online into my final piece.
  8. I waited around six months between scheduling my appointment and actually getting my tattoo. Definitely would recommend this long waiting period, as I was absolutely sure what I wanted by the time I actually went to my appointment.
  9. Remember that this will be on you forever, so if you’re already thinking “I can just get it removed later” maybe don’t get that tattoo.

Some of the pointers above might make you think “Duh” but I found these things to be the most important to keep in mind while I was planning and executing my tattoo.

IMG_1217 2.PNGIMG_1219 2.JPG

Shoutout to my best friend, boyfriend, and tattoo artist (Winter Stone) for making this the best possible experience!!!


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