Taco Tour of Los Angeles

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but I’ve been attempting to try as many new things as possible in my minimal free time. I work for an accounting firm, so during our “busy season” (which is right now-hello @taxes), I’ve been feeling extra nostalgic for all the fun things I got to do before I started spending 15 hours a day in my cube.

This post is about one of my all time best ideas: a tour of four taco trucks in Echo Park/Silverlake. I’m not always the most creative when it comes to planning activities for me and my friends, but this one seemed to be a hit because, honestly, who doesn’t like tacos? Pro-tip: when you center any activity around tacos, it will likely be a success.

But in all seriousness, exploring a city through its food is always great. This “tour” could be adapted to almost any kind of food: ice cream, coffee, french fries, donuts, pizza, etc. Maybe just not salad… that would be weird (but whatever floats your boat, I guess.)

Here are the four spots we checked out and how we felt about all of them:

1. El Paisano

This is my go-to spot (especially when I’ve had some drinks) so we went here first. This spot is cash only, and can be quite spicy, depending on what you order. Their pickled veggie mix with carrots and cucumbers is also amazing. $1.25 for a regular meat or veggie taco, $2.00 for an “El Paisano” taco (regular taco + guacamole, cheese, sour cream)

el paisano 1.jpg

el paisano 2.jpgel paisano menu 1.jpg

Verdict: excellent taco, but to be honest, I prefer their burrito. This is still my spot though.

2. Tacos Arizas

I hadn’t tried this spot before, but have heard some great things. Also cash only, this spot is less of a truck and more of a trailer, but they have great salsa, and a lot of different kind of meats (not that the meat variety matters to me – a vegetarian – at all.) Bonus points for their veggie menu (see pic below.) $1.50 for a regular meat taco or $2.00 for a veggie taco (comes with avocado), add $.50 for cheese.

el ariza 3.jpgel ariza 2.jpgel ariza 1.jpg

el ariza menu 1.jpgel ariza menu 2.jpg









Verdict: this was the least flavorful taco, but I do like that the veggie option comes with avocado

3. Taco Zone

I loved the ladies at this truck-they were so awesome. Cash only, this spot was the most crowded and had DELICIOUS rice and beans, which made up most of the veggie taco. Also-excellent parking because they are located next to a Vons. $1.50 for a taco. (forgot to take a pic of the menu, sorry!)

tacozone 2.jpgtacozone 1.jpg

tacozone menu 1.jpgtacozone 3.jpg

Verdict: great flavor, would definitely return

4. Gus’s Lunch Box

This fourth and last spot was a sleeper for sure. This truck is the extension of a brick and mortar spot in Silverlake and parks at the Silverlake Citibank lot most nights. I hadn’t had their tacos before, but have tried most of the other items on the veggie menu, which I always felt were OK, but not great. I was pleasantly surprised by their taco-it was SO good. Very flavorful, right amount of spice, and the tortilla held up. Also it came with some bonus tortilla chips which was really nice. $1.50 for a regular meat or veggie taco (veggie comes with guacamole.)

gus 1.jpggus 2.jpg

gus's menu 1.jpg

Verdict: my favorite of the night, much to my surprise. also veggie taco for $1.50, includes avocado???? hard to beat.

1000000/10 would recommend doing any sort of food tour, especially a taco tour, instead of going to a regular restaurant. Add in some good friends, and you’ve got a killer night on your hands.


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