Here’s to all the Vegans

April 2nd marks the beginning of 1 month/4 weeks/28 days/672 hours, etc you get the point… of veganism.

Now, you may be thinking “uhhh aren’t you already vegan?” In fact, I am not. Hence this challenge that I am imposing upon myself.

I am (merely) a vegetarian, meaning I don’t eat meat or fish at all. Vegans consume no animal products of any kind-no meat, AND eggs, cheese, milk, butter, and even honey.

As you know, I am an avid cheese and egg eater so this is really more of a test for myself. IMG_1083.jpgIt’s not about restriction, but more about creativity. As I’m cooking more, I rely so much upon eggs and cheese to make everything I eat tasty, savory, and comforting. But this month, I’m trying my best to change the way I think about and use plant-based products to make my food just as delicious. Also, I really need to be eating more vegetables and less Starbucks egg white wraps (ugh I miss you already @wraps)

I find that it’s really easy to fall into a pattern, because I’m such a creature of habit. Don’t get me wrong, my current pattern is great and I love the things that I’ve started doing as a result of my job (meal prep Sunday) and this blog (my airstream), but I want to try to continue to push myself to do more and mix it up as much as possible within my current pattern.

This month, I am looking forward to exploring more, playing more, and creating more, within the context of what I’m cooking for myself and others. As always, check out my insta if you want to see what I’m making and eating. And in the words of Chef David Chang:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.05.14 AM
Netflix’s Ugly Delicious with David Chang

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