A Few of my Favorite Things (hint: they’re all bags)

I’ve taken a small break from Instagram in the past couple weeks in order to be fully present for all the things that have been going on in my life. I took a trip to New York, my best friend visited me here in LA, and my other best friend left home for a new job. My work has been absolutely nuts, and in order to maintain the “life” portion of “work-life balance”, I felt like I needed to step back from my phone a bit.
Because I normally find myself in a general state of busy-ness with little to no downtime, I always try to enjoy both “work” and “life” as much as possible. I like to invest in things that make me feel great all the time, because feeling bad is just not something I have time for. Now, I want you to bear with me, as this may seem a little silly. Something I’ve found that can always make me feel great are purses or bags. I had a million tiny kid purses since I was a toddler, and as I grew up, I’ve only grown to love them more and more. Back to school shopping for a new book bag each September was always my favorite time of year. After my first week at my current big girl job, I bought a celebratory work purse. I spent my first bonus buying a purse that I had been pining over for years and years. I keep my clothes and shoes pretty simple – purses are the most fun part of my wardrobe.
In this new working phase of my life, I’ve had to learn to transition to new kinds of bags to accommodate my weekday schedule. To be honest, I’m still figuring out what bag works best for Monday through Friday, but right now, I’m pretty pleased with my Away backpack:
Left: Away backpack / Right: Away suitcase
It fits a lot. My huge work laptop, a towel and my yoga clothes, my three glasses cases, approximately 85 lipsticks (I exaggerate, but only slightly), and sometimes I can squeeze a tupperware with my lunch in there. Bonus points: it slides over my matching suitcase which makes it perfect for travel. If and when these come back in stock, I may have to get another one.
My other favorite work bags, which might are great for any person that is less of an actual human pack mule than I am when commuting to the office:
This beautiful satchel. Amazing for any minimalist that only needs a laptop, notebook, wallet, and not a lipstick in every color of the rainbow. Mine has my initials on the front!:
The aforementioned reward I bought for myself after my first week of work (I always laugh that I felt accomplished enough to buy this after one single week of working… I clearly had no idea what was coming.) This bag fits SO much, including my cumbersome work laptop, and does it with so much style. Also monogrammed, plus a cute little tassel. (Unfortunately, Clare V does not make this bag anymore, but see some of my other faves by her below.)
I bought this bag on a work trip in the cutest store ever. So functional-my go to travel purse. Enough pockets to keep my everything organized, but not so many pockets that I lose stuff. This purse is streamlined, which is great for any commuter.
As you may or may not have seen on this blog, or my instagram, I travel for work. The importance of great luggage when traveling frequently for work cannot be overstated. I researched a TON, and decided to purchase Away luggage (I currently have two sizes; I will probably get another size in the near term.)
IMG_1684 4.jpgIMG_0132.jpg
The large Away size fits more than two weeks of clothes and the bigger carry on fits a week of clothes. This is my first hard shell luggage and I’m obsessed – it’s still flexible and it is so easy to clean. When traveling for fun or work, these are my most important pieces. I could not love them more.
My favorite bags of the moment are what I use on the daily if I’m not working. My larger tote:
This tote is everything to me. My go-to weekend bag. My gym bag (lol). My grocery bag. It’s slightly slouchy when it’s not full, and still totally chic when filled with stuff. I get so many compliments on it, and I even have a matching phone case because I’m such a huge fan of the design.
And my little guy:
This bag was a big purchase for me. I remember learning about Balenciaga’s city bags in high school and loving them all through college. I went to the Balenciaga store in Soho and I really had such a blast picking the color and size I wanted. To me, it’s my perfect neutral that can go anywhere and everywhere – a casual errand, out on a date, or to any event. For summer I’ve switched out her strap for something a little more colorful (by Clare V.)
Anyways, if you love bags as much as me, you’ve probably made it to the end of this. I don’t know if there’s any takeaway associated with post this besides, the best way to look good is to feel good about what you’re wearing.

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